Shingle style

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The term "shingle style" was popularized by Vincent Scully in the 1950s. It is sometimes referred to as the "seaside style." The shingle style is basically the Queen Anne style wrapped in shingles.
Like the Queen Anne style, the Shingle style was influenced initially by the work of the architect Richard Norman Shaw, but replacing his tile-hanging (PHOTO) by shingle-hanging.
Henry Hobson Richardson (1836-86) is credited with developing the style and used it for most of his country and suburban houses, as did many prominent architects. The pioneer building is the Sherman House at Newport, Rhode Island, by Henry Hobson Richardson (1874). McKim, Mead & White also participated. The masterpiece is Richardson's Stoughton House at Cambridge, Massachusetts (1882-3).


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Comment by Stephen Brown on August 14, 2015 at 10:25 PM

Shingle siding with a darker shingled roof is my desired style choice when I finally design and build my own home. I like the curves of the home in your picture. It gives that home such an elegant feel. Thanks for teaching me a little more architectural lingo. I finally know what to call these types of homes.

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